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THoughts on Life

December 8, 2017
  1.  God is my only Hope ,  Jesus Christ
  2. i recall when I was 9 realizing that one day mom and dad would die and crying about it by myself and asking God to keep that from happening
  3. I have had such an amazing life.  My mom and dad loved us and gave us everything we needed including discipline and spanking.  I recall fondly the hundreds of camping/fishing trips to the Neches river camp my dad had.  my brothers and I, cousins, uncles, aunts.  Amazing adventures.
  4. Eagle Scout – Father Vincent – Johnny Marble – an amazing trip that i wanted to quit many times.  the mile swim,  the 55 merit badges, order of the arrow, bronze palms, welcome letter from the president in 1972.
  5. meeting my wife Leisa, dating,  1976, summer, the 4th of July fish fry.  fireworks.  some very good times.
  6. marriage in 1980, tough first year of marriage while going to college, then graduation, starting our home, buying a house, Walt Disney World,  pregnancy, Joshua’s arrival April 9 1984.
  7. living, career building, changing jobs, conroe, back to buna, going big with Gulfstream / New Signals / 2002
  8. Joshua’s last week June 2002,  the funeral, Bible Study, going through grief.
  9. call to ministry
  10. LCBI
  11. Chrysalis
  12. youth ministry
  13. letting go of NSE
  14. the Coop life at SHECO
  15. recovering who I am
  16. almost dying of appendicitus
  17. approaching 60.
  18. remembering life this Dec 8 2017.

I am blessed.  I also miss Joshua.  I hope I can recover me from the rush of life called the last 30 years.  I am blessed.

I love my wife,  I miss my son, and my dad.  but I am blessed beyond belief.


Thank you Jesus


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