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The Little Things

February 7, 2016

My birthday was January 24

It was a Sunday,  a nice day, got to see mom, spend the day with my wife, doing our Bible studies and prayers.  My wife had gotten a really bad cold and was not feeling well.  I was feeling fine.  Leisa decided she would tough it out on the cold until Tuesday then go see the Doc.

I worked Monday and Tuesday per normal schedule.  Tuesday around 2pm I started feeing a stomach ache in my lower stomach areas, but not centralized to any one point.  I thought great,  now I am going to have a flu session or stomach virus.

We host a Tuesday night Bible Study,  Leisa was staying in bed due to the severe cold and coughing.  I arrived and we conducted Bible Study,  15 minutes into the 1.5 hour session,  I started feeling really bad all over, aches, fatigue, and the constant stomach ache (not severe yet).

Had trouble sleeping – aches and stomach pain.  Wednesday morning – to Doctor Express in Beaumont.  Leisa does not have flu,  neither do I,  stomach pain is now another level higher,  I still think I will end up with some sort of 24-48 hour stomach virus.  The PA tells me she cannot diagnose anything and I should  go to a doctors office or ER to have tests run.  The PA should have run a WBC to see if it was off the charts….(hint)

Leisa elected to get her RX’s filled in BMT,  to stall for time while coaxing me to go the ER.  She wanted to go to Walmart…stall for time while coaxing me.  Meanwhile Pain spikes to 7-8 at Walmart,  I am in the car, I call Leisa and say lets go to ER.  Pain spike 10+, dry heaves start.


God sometimes grants you mercy…this time he did to me.

Arrived, at STE ER.  fast check in (I am bent over grunting in pain),  CT scan shows ruptured appendix.  The top trauma surgeon in Beaumont Dr K is on call and at the hospital already,  within 2 hours of arriving I am being operated on.

Leisa is freaked out (as am I).  She gets our wedding band and the two cross rings I wear.  She tells me I cannot leave her yet as I go into surgery, I smile and tell her that we will be ok

Post OP – it had ruptured sometime between noon Monday and Tuesday afternoon,  Dr K is unable to explain how I had not felt pain until Tuesday evening or was able to withstand it period.  I was close to being in sepsis (google it,  scary stuff), as it is I am at high risk for secondary infections due to the length of time the gangrenous mess had sloshed around my abdomen.

Day 1 – looking and feeling better, walking , sore, not much pain.

Day 4 – midnight, cannot catch my breath, literally fighting to breath,  Dr P called in (one of the trauma team doctors), XRAY shows 90% of lung with pneumonia.  Off to MED ICU

Leisa is freaked and so am I.  Again she tells me – you cannot leave me.  I in between sucking air, tell her,  don’t say that,  we will be ok.

HPACK breathing assist with breathing treatments (think hurricane force winds in a mask),  all I have to do is think breathe and gale force air rushes in.  I am on lasix for a few hours to dump fluid buildup.  Day 5-6-7 massive IV Antibiotics continue from day 1, xrays, breathing treatments,  no food, no drink (only from IV).  physical therapy done in the ICU bed.

Day 8 HPACK comes off,  breathing with assisted O2, walking, eating, waiting on normal room to open up to leave ICU.

Day 9 in normal med-surgical room, walking eating, etc,  ready to go home.  NP Jason comes in and tells me to go home and cuts orders.

Home by 8pm

Observations,  if you have unusual pains anywhere, especially in your core,  see a DR with a LAB ASAP or go to the ER.  My stomach pains were odd and different and I ignored those warning signs.  I almost became one of the 50% who do not survive sepsis infections.

STE is a great facility, and God provided a great team of people from beginning to end.

Day 8 – morning around 620am, the ICU nurse who prepped me into ICU, Lori – stuck her head in the door and asked how I was.  She inquired if I remembered her and I told her she was Lori and she was suprised I could remember.  I thanked her for taking good are of me even though she only prepped me in and had care of me for 2 hours early that morning of Day5.  She responded she was only there to help Jesus heal me and that she prayed for me each day.  That God provided all of this to do healing and they tried to help him.

Sometimes God grants you grace

and it is not always a big thing that can cause a lot of trouble.

Stay thirsty for God in Jesus Christ, my friends.



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