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Scientific American Demonstrates How To Commit Major Science Fraud

May 17, 2015

Real Science

Scientific American published this map showing an increase in heavy rains since 1958, and blamed them on global warming.


Global Warming May Mean More Downpours like in Oklahoma – Scientific American

Now check out the spectacular fraud being committed. The author  cherry picked the start date of 1958, because it was the minimum in the US climate record. In fact, heavy rainfall events were much more common in the early 20th century, when temperatures were cooler.

ScreenHunter_9140 May. 09 23.42

There is no correlation between US temperature and heavy precipitation events

ScreenHunter_9141 May. 09 23.53

The author is engaged in scientific malfeasance, in an effort mislead Scientific American readers and direct them to the wrong conclusion.

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