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Real Scientists Keep Their Minds Open, And Learn

April 11, 2015

Real Science

Freeman Dyson has followed the same path as myself, going from true believer in 1979 to skeptic in 2015.

In 1953, Freeman Dyson told his graduate students at Cornell that Quantum Mechanics is well understood settled science

In 1979, Freeman Dyson was very worried about CO2

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In 1986, speaking at the University of Adelaide, Dyson said

“nobody really understands quantum mechanics.”

And in 2015 Dyson said

“CO2 is so beneficial in other ways, it would be crazy to try to reduce it”

The New York Times says Dyson is “infinitely smart”

There is the suspicion that, at age 85, a great scientist of the 20th century is no longer just far out, he is far gone — out of his beautiful mind.  But in the considered opinion of the neurologist Oliver Sacks, Dyson’s friend and fellow English expatriate, this is far from the case. “His mind is still so open and…

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