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June 21, 2014

In Ten Years Only Church Plants Will Be Left


The underlying assumption that will lead to slow death

For the purpose of argument, let’s define established churches as organizations built on the underlying assumption that people want to “go to church.” They provide the best possible experience for those people. They employ professional staff with professional training. They own high quality facilities. The goal then becomes how to get people to take advantage of the services the staff provides by coming to those buildings.

In other words, established churches say “you want church here’s why you should come to ours.”

Right about now, you’re probably saying “that might be true, but not in my church!”

Maybe. But I believe this applies not only to traditional denominations, whether they be Catholic, Mainline or Evangelical, but also to the non-denominational churches built by the baby-boomer-church-growth types. (Ironically, it also applies to some approaches to Church planting, which will inevitable deal with the same problems.)


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