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The Gay Police State, otherwise known as the loss of Free Speech

May 12, 2013

LGBTs, the movement based on rolling back bullying and “bashing,” are now fully integrated into society’s disciplinary institutions: they run schools, command armed forces, dictate jargon to the press, govern cities as big as Paris, run congressional committees on banking regulation, and get to rule on Proposition 8 from the bench of federal courts.

And now, having come into wildly disproportionate power, the movement demands the right to own children as property, insists on safe passage to India to lure poor women into paid surrogacy contracts, and threatens to put adoption centers out of business if they refuse to turn orphans over to gay couples.

When people step up to defend children, as did the people of France in the massive mobilization of March 24, the gays call in street thugs, riot police, and monsters wielding tear gas.

It was another turning point for me, from which I have yet to recover.  For having seen what I saw in Brussels and Paris, I know something I didn’t feel comfortable believing before: gays cannot claim that they would be any kinder in power.  They are in power, and they are happy to sit atop a police state.

I suppose it was a long time coming. Go to any Gay Pride event, and you see the floats celebrating “leather men,” sadomasochistic outfits of dominatrices and gleeful torture equipment — both gay men and lesbians are shamelessly fond of eroticizing power.  There is nothing in gay culture that is incompatible with a police state.  If anything, the evolution of gay culture since Stonewall has set us up for a gay police state.  Now it has arrived.

The LGBT movement is not a community, but rather a political machine backed by big business.  Until it can show that it is capable of increasing its reach and profile without abusing power, it has to be resisted, for it is the face of an ancient urge which must always be resisted: the lust for power and domination.

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