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marriage or no

May 12, 2013

6. How can legalization of same sex marriage affect my own marriage?


It is the vehicle by which all civil marriages may soon be abolished, including yours.  When children are no longer considered central to state purpose, marriage becomes nothing more than a contract between any two (or more) people.  A reversal of DOMA could give force to an emerging movement called “singlism,” which argues that the state should cease recognition of marriage because it is discriminatory against those who do not have partners.


Furthermore, the un-defining of marriage is only one part of a package deal that includes the transgender push for the un-defining of gender.  This is already happening under the radar through laws that define gender identity only on self-perception: seeing yourself on any given day as male, female, both, or neither.  If that goal is achieved, the reduction of your “marriage” to social and legal gibberish will be complete.  And as we become more isolated from family bonds in the eyes of the state, the state becomes freer to define our humanity.

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