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marriage or genderless union?

May 12, 2013

4. What about marriage for the sake of same-sex households with children?


We just don’t have the right to deliberately deprive children of knowing their biological mothers or fathers.  But genderless marriage ultimately requires us to do this.  It requires society to sanction the refashioning of familial bonds in alienating and experimental ways.  Use of surrogates and egg or sperm markets put children at ever-increasing risk of being treated more as commodities than as human beings.  Laws supporting genderless marriage cannot help but ramp up these trends to newer and crueler levels.


5. Won’t biological parents continue to have a default legal right to rear the children they sire and bear together?


See Question 4.  The rights of biological parents to raise their own children will necessarily diminish in the wake of legalization of same-sex marriage, because changing the definition of marriage results in changing presumptions about who the legal parents are.  Recognizing marriage as the union of one man and one woman is the only sustainable basis upon which a biological mother and father are legally and by default recognized as the primary caregivers of their children.  But today there’s a new push for the state to require special licensing of all family configurations as “care-giving units.”

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