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Thoughts at end of 2012

December 30, 2012

This year marked year 10 since  Joshua’s death at age 18 and 2 months+

Imageit has been an interesting and challenging 10 years.

at times,  impossible to face another moment without grasping onto faith,  begging God for relief from the grief that wracks my heart.  watching Leisa tear up,  then being amazed at her being able to celebrate someone having a baby,  a new graduate from high school.  The Bible study Joshua started in March 2002,  continues to meet each Tuesday night.  The attendees change,  numbers go up and down,  the founding members have moved on in life to careers, marriage, families, – sometimes they return to visit,  it honors and humbles Leisa and I that so many still come to fellowship and discuss the Bible each week.

I discovered in my grief and missing Joshua that God is loving,  tender, and forgives my lapses in the spaces of life where I falter.  My faith in Jesus Christ is much stronger now than before.

If you read this,  reflect on how well you have a life,  rejoice in the friendships,  the family you do have, celebrate life,  seek to reconcile instead of revenge,  listen fast and hard,  look for understanding,  always be very slow to speak.  Put you head in charge of your feelings and emotions.

Happy New Year,  praise and glory to the Father on High,  to my savior Jesus Christ, and may the Holy Spirit comfort you and I in the coming year.  Amen.


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