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Strategy of Satan, Chapter 5

July 9, 2011

Strategy of Satan

Warren Wiersbe

Chapter 5 Journal

Christians – object of faith is Jesus, it is the secret to victory and ministry

Unconverted – object of faith is ??? (self, others…)

God Honors faith in Himself – Hebrews 11

Greatest problem to overcome is developing a mature faith for the Christian

Satan knows this problem well and attacks the believers’ faith. 1 Thess 3:1-2, 5-7, 10

Christian is to go from faith to faith, Romans 1:17

Life of Abraham (Gen 12-25), God perfecting Abraham’s faith, a lifelong process

We hinder God working in our life by lack of faith, not God’s lack of power

(Matt 13:58 – unbelief…, Mark 6:6)

Fooled by feelings (it feels right…) – How can a Christian know he/she is living by faith?

Fooled by circumstances, or directly by Satan.

Four practical tests to determine if I am living by Faith in Jesus:

#1 – Am I doing this for the glory of God or to please myself? Rom 4:20, Luke 1:37, Matt 19:26

#2 – Am I rushing ahead foolishly or am I willing to wait? Rom 10:11, Isa 28:16,

#3 – Can I defend what I am doing from the Word of God? Rom 10:17

#4 – As I consider this move or action or decision, do I have joy and peace within? Rom 15:13, Col 3:15

David numbering the people – issue of pride and self glory

Job – impatient with God, a form of unbelief

Must be careful to use the defenses God has laid before us.


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