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the way to win the game is by going ban

April 14, 2011

The problem is that the way to win the game is by going bankrupt. The worse the trades you make, the better you do in the game. And so his kids are indoctrinated into failing, into the belief that it is a good idea to give away a lot for very little in return. Ganymede is planning to bankrupt the Earth through indoctrination and easily take it over.

So the moral is that the ultimate threat is not military — the toy soldiers — but ideological.

How does this story parallel the contemporary West’s situation? Do you have to ask? Because Americans and Europeans are being indoctrinated to think that the weaker, less religious and patriotic, more deeply in debt, and wallowing in guilt their societies are, the better. The first one to go bankrupt — in every sense of the word — wins.


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