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This is the future under the Democrats

April 3, 2011

Medicare reform is a comparative issue. We are really facing tough choices and those who say otherwise are liars who want to cut your health care. There are two major ways of bringing down Medicare spending to a sustainable level. The Democrats will cut your benefits and leave you with no other options. We see that in Obamacare’s plan to reduce provider reimbursements. The Obamacare plan is to pay your doctor less, thereby making it harder to get medical care. Multiply this approach across all your medical needs. And the Democrats are doing this to current retirees. Sometimes the government will just tell you no. More often the government will find sneakier ways to deny you care (creating waiting periods or paying at artificially low rates so that a service becomes unavailable.) They will nickel and dime you to death. This is the future under the Democrats


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