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March 14, 2011

The “conciliatory” school of Republicanism is dead. Of course I’m not referring to Scott Walker but to Mitch Daniels, who in a situation all but identical to Wisconsin’s decided to bend, in keeping with his CPAC “I want them to like us” speech of last month. Conservatives have been doing this since before I was a zygote. They have always gotten burned, and they always go out and do the exact same thing all over again at the next opportunity. Walker, on the other hand, drew the line and stood firm. He got abuse, threats, and civil disturbances. Mitch Daniels gave in, tossed aside his own party’s union bill, and asked the left to join him in reasoning together. He got abuse, threats, and civil disturbances. In the process he lost anything resembling potential presidential standing along with the respect of his own party. In the 21st century, liberals and union wobblies are thugs and nothing more. Appealing to their higher natures is a waste of time.


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