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October 31, 2010

The federal budget needs to be formally tri-sected into National Security spending, Social Security and Medicare spending, and everything else.

On-going military and other national security operations need to be fully funded for national security reasons.

Social Security and Medicare spending needs to be fully funded because that money is being returned to people were forced to pay into the systems. The fact that congressional criminals stole the money and spent it on other matters means that many officials should be imprisoned or executed, but it does not mean that the people who were forced to contribute for decades should be forced to sacrifice now.

Everything else in the budget should be reduced to whatever level is necessary to balance the budget. If the White House must be sold and the Obama crime family forced to live in tents by the Potomac, so be it. If every foreign embassy needs to be shut down, too bad. If the massively corrupt and criminal federal agencies need to be closed, good. If federal bribes to local schools have to be eliminated, so much the better. If illegal aliens have to have their anchor babies at home, perfect.

Every federal worker hired since Jan 2008 should be fired on day 1. Every raise given to a federal worker since Jan 2008 should be rescinded immediately. Every dime contributed to a federal pension since Jan 2008 should be paid back. Every White House employee that exceeds the number in Jan 2008 should be fired. Obamacare should be 100% defunded. 100% of unspent Stick-it-to-us spending should be defunded. Congressional staffs should be reduced by 90%. All Congressional perks, including Piglosi’s 747’s should be immediately defunded. Congressional pay should be reduced by 50% (at least) immediately. Every government regulation that has any bearing on private business written since 2008 should be revoked.

Felony investigations should be started into the personal wealth of every member of Congress whose wealth has increased since they took office, including officials who lose in 2010. Particularly Harry Reid.

That should be enough for the first week. Then, the criminals need to get serious about cutting government costs.

If the Republicans don’t get serious about this from the first minute, the wave election in 2012 will dwarf the wave election in 2010, and in 2012, it will be the Republicans who will be losing their sinecures.


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