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Days of Praise

May 24, 2009

Each Day – God has a plan,  God has a design for each individual.  It is a map americas-routes-mapto explore our lives,  the map contains recommended routes to follow to safely and effectively operate our vehicle (our mortal body, the Jar of Clay) which contains the occupant (our eternal spirit person) from the starting point (conception) to the ending destination (passage through the death gate to Jesus our Lord and Savior who is waiting on us in the heavenly realm,  John 14).  We drive through our lives,  we walk through our lives, we build houses,  all according to plans we or other people have made.  Even if tragedy strikes (car wrecks, twisting an ankle, etc).  We still resume driving cars, walking, building – we work the process of our lives and try to avoid similar circumstances.  God is working in our lives to help us cope, avoid in some instances, and ultimately through the work on the cross of Jesus Christ – salvation.



some thoughts on praise

A son of Jacob in the line of Jesus – Judah – named to the praise of God.

Judah was the tribe that most of the remnant came from that rebuilt Jerusalem.lion_judah

God has a plan,  it is a map for a journey,  there are provisions to bless us, guide us, and ultimately protect us from eternal death in separation from God after we die in this life.

Be part of the remnant of God’s people,  He has planned and provided for you in this life and after to eternity.


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