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Questions, Change, Decisions, Truth and Thinking

May 2, 2009

Tuesday night we had open questions night at Bible Study.

We opened up with comments on why different churches / denominations believe differently on baptism and salvation.

We discussed salvation definitions focused on what Jesus taught and commanded.  At His Way Christian Fellowship,  we hold to the primary message of John 3:16, John 14:6, and Romans 10:8-10.  Baptism follows salvation as an act of obedience to the new Lord of Your Life – Jesus Christ.  Jesus said in John15 that if we love Him, we will do what he says and follow his commands – which includes baptism.

Staying connected to Christ,  loving Him by living an obedient life, and preaching the gospel to others is what we are commanded to do.

Another question that comes up often is concerning dinosaurs, creation accounts, what happened when.  We discussed some of the issues,  and discussed the needed first step of deciding, seeking, investigating what you can choose to believe about the Bible and how that impacts your faith, sense of salvation, security, etc.  If the Bible is true and can be believed,  then you should trust and move forward based on that decision.  More on this later.

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