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What do you believe?

March 3, 2009

take the belief’s survey here.

See what you believe about God.

Some other questions:

  • How Long I’ve Been a Christian
  • How I Came to Accept Christ
  • Denomination
  • Church
  • Pastor’s Name
  • Area of Ministry
  • Greatest Strength in Christ
  • Greatest Weakness in the Flesh
  • Best Witnessing Experience
  • Worst Witnessing Mistake
  • Favorite Time for Devotions
  • Favorite Bible Translation
  • Favorite Bible Type (Thompson, Scofield, etc.)
  • Where I Write Bible Study Notes (in Bible or Notepad)
  • Favorite Comment by Jesus
  • Favorite Verse
  • Favorite Gospel
  • Favorite Parable
  • Favorite Epistle
  • Favorite Apostle
  • Favorite Major Prophet
  • Favorite Minor Prophet
  • Favorite Biblical Name
  • Favorite Book of the Bible
  • Favorite Old Testament Story
  • Favorite New Testament Story
  • Favorite Male Character (besides Christ)
  • Favorite Female Character (besides Mary)
  • Favorite Old Testament Character
  • Favorite New Testament Character (besides Christ)
  • Bible Character I Most Want to Meet (besides Jesus/God)
  • Bible Character Most Similar to Me
  • Why?
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