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What we need to realize about Islam and Jihad, Terrorism

December 1, 2008

The major media sources (CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, major newspapers) along with “leading academics” most often seem to downplay, explain, rationalize, or provide other means to discount the threat to civil liberties, freedom of choice, freedom of practicing religion.  The same people/groups often seem determined to portray the USA as an evil empire bent on taking away freedoms and supressing minority groups.

The same is true about Islam, Jihad, terrorism.

The recent attacks in India,  there is significant and strong evidence linking this to a pakastani / indian version of Al-Queda.

reference the article The Ideologies of South Asian Jihadi Groups (Laskar-e-Taiba)

The groups goals as listed in the article are

“1) to eliminate evil and facilitate conversion to and practice of Islam; 2) to ensure the ascendancy of Islam; 3) to force non-Muslims to pay jizya (poll tax, paid by non-Muslims for protection from a Muslim ruler); 4) to assist the weak and powerless; 5) to avenge the blood of Muslims killed by unbelievers; 6) to punish enemies for breaking promises and treaties; 7) to defend a Muslim state; and 8) to liberate Muslim territories under non-Muslim occupation.”

Why does our media want to minimize the threat and create a fictional one here at home?


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